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Our Products

Hydron-Aire proudly distributes a range of high-efficiency heating and cooling system products to clients from Ontario to British Columbia. When in doubt, reach out! We can’t wait to find a solution that works for you, your family, and your business!

Water furnace


WaterFurnace geothermal heat pumps are the most comfortable and cost-effective way to heat and cool your home or business. Make the switch today and experience all that geo has to offer.



The modular water chiller was invented by Multistack. The idea launched a revolution and transformed Multistack into a leader in the commercial water-chiller industry.

Hydron-Aire EVI


Hydron-Aire EVI air-to-water heat pumps can heat and cool your home quietly and efficiently. With operation down to -30 °C ambient outdoor air temperature, you’ll be comfortable year-round.



Flo Fab has grown quite rapidly and now proudly offers of a wide range of products available directly from one manufacturer. This includes pumps & pump packages, tanks, heat exchangers & hydronic accessories.

Braeburn Systems


Braeburn Systems is one of the fastest-growing indoor air quality manufacturers in the United States. Their dedicated team of specialists provides digital electronic and electromechanical thermostats, zoning systems, air filtration products, humidification, and various accessories for installation by professional contractors worldwide.



Since 1959, Canadians have turned to Weil-McLain Canada for top-quality, innovative and dependable hydronic heating solutions. No matter what your heating needs are, one of our products is ready to tough it out for your home and family.

IEC Fan Coils


As the leader in hydronic fan coils, IEC offers the largest selection of products in the industry. Our offering covers the full spectrum of horizontal and vertical systems, modular hi-rise, and belt-driven fan coils, as well as innovative designs created specifically for hotel rooms, hospital rooms, dormitories, apartments, and condominiums.

Nexus valve


Expansion vessels for heating and cooling. Flow control, Safety valves, pressure gauges, connection groups. Storage vessels, boilers and expansion vessels for hot water systems. Equipment for deaeration and dirt separation. T-plus fittings for rapid expansion of existing systems.

Rail, clips, brackets and other mounting material.

Argosy Buffer Tank


The Argosy Buffer Tank is the only pressurized composite buffer tank on the market. They will never corrode and are half the weight of steel buffer tanks. Rated to 180 degrees F, it is available in sizes of 22, 40, 55, 80, and 120 gallons and comes with 4 side ports, a thermal well (40 to 119 gals), a vent, a vacuum breaker, and a drain. Insulated with closed-cell foam, it provides an r-value that is unmatched by the competition.

B&D air handlers and pumps

B & D Air Handlers and Pumps

Available air handlers in sizes ranging from 1 to 5 tons w/ 10- or 15-kw electric backup and 5 speed ECM
fans. Also available are 26-116 hydronic pumps