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How cold is too cold for heat pumps to work?

hydron aire system

Most provinces feel the unrelenting brunt of the cold Canadian winters. This frigid season, some of which feel lasts nearly six months, can cause heating costs to sky rocket. This expense has Canadians consider implementing a more efficient heating system and asking the question, “is it too cold for heat pumps?”

As stated on the BC Hydro website, heat pumps are greener and more energy efficient than traditional natural gas and electric furnaces which can save homeowners money on the month utility bills. Some cheaper and midrange models can efficiently heat a home in weather as cold as -10 Celsius. Hydron Aire’s Enhanced vapor injection (EVI) technology allows heat pumps to maintain high efficiency and capacity down to -30 Celsius air temperatures.

Ask your local heat pump installer if about EVI heat pumps and invest in a more affordable heating solution.

For more information, this video published by BC Hydro answers a lot of questions you may have about heat pumps in cold climates.